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2014-11-04 (Tuesday)
switzerland On November 20th, a special jury is going to select RTSsix candidates in the Swiss national selection for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. This is going to happen in a radio final with 12 competing entries. At the moment there are 26 candidates and you can listen to them all here:
RTS’ 26 candidates:
Même si tout s’en va“, Alenko
Hurdy Gurdy Girls“, Anach Cuan
Le Monde d’après“, Ascomusic
Le Jour se Lève“, Bastoun
Bring Back The Moon“, Matthieu Blanchette
Letter to Myself“, Celia
Fly“, Licia Chery
Can’t You Let Me Go“, Claudia
My Muse“, Electrum&Elisir
Boom!“, Michael James
Say Hello“, Jyaleen
Teasing You“, Gisel de Marco
Silence“, Emannuel Leman
Life is About Moments“, Lorenzo Marra
Un Drôle de Rêve“, Ricky Novak
Libre comme l’Air“, Angie Ott
Time to Shine“, Mélanie René
Après la Pluie“, Sajadi
Dis-moi Quand“, Sajadi
Kevlar Heart“, Shana P.
Sparks of Sun“, Veronica Singh
Wedding Rain“, Sosofluo
Moonless Night“, Taken By Storm
Water In The Desert“, Tosca
Signe-Moi“, Roman Veda et Dan Sign Sing
Avide du Soleil“, Zéphyr Combo

Anette: Read more about Switzerland’s preparations for the 2015 Eurovison Song Contest here.