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2014-12-06 (Saturday)
Malta The final of Belarus’ national selection for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled for December 26th and after two days of auditions, 15 entries have been chosen to participate. Below you find links to the live audition versions (and some studio versions) of the entries, along with the names of the songwriters:
Listen to the 15 Belarusian finalists 2015:
I believe in a miracle“, Gunesh
(Gunesh Abasova, Svetlana Geraskova)
live audition studio version
Supernova“, Janet
(Ylva Persson, Linda Persson, William Taylor)
live audition studio version
Stand as one“, Alexey Gross
(Alexei Shirin, Yuri Vashchuk)
live audition
Love is my colour“, Daria
(L. Antonova, P. Baranovsky)
live audition
Summer love“, Valeria Sadovskaya
(Leonid Shirin, Alexei Shirin)
live audition
Time“, Uzari & Maimuna
(Yuri Navrotsky, Svetlana Geraskova)
live audition studio version
Accent“, MILKI
(Alexander Rybak, Y. Rakitin)
live audition studio version
Only dance“, Yana Butskevich & Muzzart
(V. Krutikov, Yana Butskevich)
live audition
Fighter“, Beatrys
(L. Klochko)
live audition
My dreams“, NAPOLI
(Olga Shimanskaya, Aleksey Zubarevich)
live audition studio version
Giving up your love“, Tasha Odi
(Ylva Persson, Linda Persson, Peter Hägerås, Niclas Haglund)
live audition studio version
Angel“, Lis
(D. Lis, D. Minin)
live audition studio version
Electric toys“, Rostany
(Viktor Rudenko)
live audition
Don’t save my name“, Anastasia Malashkevich
(Pavel Klyshevsky, A. Vahomchik)
live audition
Drive“, Vitaly Voronko
(Vitaly Voronko, Vladimir Kubyshkin)
live audition

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