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2014-12-08 (Monday)
Switzerland SRF, the Swiss national broadcaster, has revealed the six entries that the experts have chosen for Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow, Switzerland’s national selection for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, after having heard 18 candidates performing live on December 7th. The national final will take place on January 31st and you find links to all of the finalists here:

Switzerland’s “Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow 2015” – The 6 finalists:
Hey now“, Andy McSean (SRF)
Singing about love“, Timebelle (SRF)
Only human“, Tiziana (SRF)
Fly“, Licia Chery (RTS)
Time to shine“, Mélanie René (RTS)
Take Me Back to 23“, Deborah Bough (RSI)

Anette: Read more about Switzerland’s preparations for the 2015 Eurovison Song Contest here.