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2015-11-04 (Wednesday)
Turykey TRT, the Turkish national broadcaster, has announced that Turkey will not return to the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. (Source:
The last five Turkish entries and results in the Eurovision Song Contest
2012: Love Me Back Can Bonomo Grand Final: 7th place
2011: Live It Up Yüksek Sadakat Semi-Final (1): 13th place
2010: We Could Be The Same maNga Grand Final: 2nd place
2009: Düm Tek Tek Hadise Grand Final: 4th place
2008: Deli Mor ve Ötesi Grand Final: 7th place

Anette: I really thought they were coming back this time. Well, no use crying over spilled milk or saving the Turkish drink and cookies I had bought just in case. 😉