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Denmark in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest

Here you find everything you need to know about Denmark’s preparations for the “Eurovision Song Contest 2015”, including information about DMGP 2015 and links to their latest Eurovision entries (and their results), to put the new plans in perspective. Denmark
Denmark’s plans for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest:
Broadcaster: DR
Selection: “Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2015”, The Gigantium Arena, Aalborg
Date: February 7th

“Cliche Love Song“ Basim – 2014 (Denmark’s latest Eurovision entry)

The schedule for the Danish “Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2015”:
July 4th Submission period opens
September 8th Submission deadline (DR received 687 songs)
February 7th “DMGP 2015” – Final 9-10 entries → 1 winner
Read more here: Danish final to be held in Aalborg on 7th February MGP ticket sales start Friday, new logo & more Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015

The 2009-2014 Danish entries and results in the Eurovision Song Contest:

2014: Cliche Love Song Basim Grand Final: 9th place
2013: Only Teardrops Emmelie de Forest Grand Final: 1st place
2012: Should’ve Known Better Soluna Samay Grand Final: 23rd place
2011: New Tomorrow A Friend In London Grand Final: 5th place
2010: In A Moment Like This Chanée & N’evergreen Grand Final: 4th place
2009: Believe Again Brinck Grand Final: 13th place

(Keep in mind that the dates and rules can change and transcription errors may occur, so I can’t guarantee that everything is 100% correct all the time, although I update the page frequently with info from various Eurovision sites.)