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Israel in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest

Here you find everything you need to know about Israel’s preparations for the “Eurovision Song Contest 2014”, including information about their internal selection and national song selection and links to their last five Eurovision entries (and their results), just to put the new plans in perspective. Israel
Israel’s plans for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest:
Broadcaster: IBA
Selection: Internally selected artist (Mei Finegold) + Song Selection
Date: Song Selection in March
Israel will participate in the (1st half of) the second semi-final of the 2014 ESC, on May 8th

Official video: “Same Heart”, Mei Finegold (the winner of KDam Eurovision 2014)

The schedule for the Israeli national selection for ESC 2014:
January 2014 Artist announcement The expert jury will reveal the internally chosen artist
February 27 Song Selection – part 1 The 3 final songs will be presented
March 6 Song Selection – part 2 The winner will be announced

The competing entries:

Same heart“, Mei Finegold
(Rami Talmid)
Nish’eret iti (Staying with me)“, Mei Finegold
(Loren de Paz, Liran de Paz, Chen Metzger Adar)
Be proud“, Mei Finegold
(Mei Finegold)
The last five Israeli entries and results in the Eurovision Song Contest
2013: Rak Bishvilo Moran Mazor Semi-Final (2): 14th place
2012: Time Izabo Semi-Final (1): 13th place
2011: Ding Dong Dana International Semi-Final (2): 15th place
2010: Milim Harel Skaat Grand Final: 14th place
2009: There Must Be Another Way Noa & Mira Awad Grand Final: 16th place

(Keep in mind that the dates and rules can change and transcription errors may occur, so I can’t guarantee that everything is 100% correct all the time, although I update the page frequently with info from various Eurovision sites.)