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Malta in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest

Here you find everything you need to know about Malta’s preparations for the “Eurovision Song Contest 2014”, including links to all I’ve written about the country on the site and links to their last five Eurovision entries (and their results), just to put the new plans in perspective. malta
Malta’s plans for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest:
Broadcaster: PBS
Selection: “Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014″: 1 Semifinal, 1 Final and 20 entries
Date: Final on February 8th
Malta will participate in the (1st half of) the second semi-final of the 2014 ESC, on May 8th

“Coming Home”, Fire Light (the winner of the MESC 2014)

The Schedule for Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014:
November 19th: Preliminary list of 70 entries revealed, you find it here
November 29th: The 20 semifinalists will be announced
February 7th: Semifinal 20 entries → 14 finalists
February 8th: Final 14 finalists → 1 winner
The results of the MESC 2014: Televotes Juryvotes Total
1. “Coming Home“, Firelight 7 pts. 12+8+12+12+12= 56 pts. 63 pts.
2. “Pin The Middle“, DeBee 8 pts. 7+7+10+4+10= 38 pts. 46 pts.
3. “One Last Ride”, Daniel Testa 10 pts. 3+10+8+10+0= 31 pts. 41 pts.
4. “Because I have you”, Amber 2 pts. 10+6+6+2+6= 30 pts. 32 pts.
5. “Until We Meet Again“, Deborah C 8+12+3+5+0= 28 pts. 28 pts.
6. “Take Me“, Pamela 6 pts. 6+5+1+1+8= 21 pts. 27 pts.
7. “Love Will Take Me Home“, Franklin 5 pts. 0+4+5+8+3= 20 pts. 25 pts.
8. “Lovetricity“, Christabelle 4 pts. 5+2+2+0+5= 14 pts. 18 pts.
8. “Hypnotica”, Jessika 12 pts. 2+0+0+0+4= 6 pts. 18 pts.
10. “City Lady“, Ryan Paul Abela 4+3+7+0+2= 16 pts. 16 pts.
11. “Let the Sunshine in“, Sophie Debattista 1+0+0+3+7= 11 pts. 11 pts.
12. “Some Kind Of Wonderful“, Wayne William 0+1+0+7+1= 9 pts. 9 pts.
13. “Oblivion”, Chris Grech 1 pt. 0+0+0+6+0= 6 pts. 7 pts.
13. “Brand New Day“, Davinia 3 pts. 0+0+4+0+0= 4 pts. 7 pts.
Malta Song for Europe 2014 – The semifinalists
(with links to the full versions of the songs and the artists pages on
Some kind of Wonderful”, Wayne William (Wayne William Micallef)
(Wayne William Micallef)
City Lady”, Ryan Paul Abela
(Paul Abela, Ryan Abela, Joe Julian Farrugia)
Brand New Day”, Davinia (Davinia Pace)
(Elton Zarb, Muxu: Matthew Mercieca)
Let the Sunshine in”, Sophie DeBattista
(Sophie Debattista, Lou Mullen, Adam Pakard, Alexander Dew)
Hypnotica”, Jessika (Jessica Muscat)
(Philip Vella, Gerard James Borg)
Invisible”, Raquel (Raquel Galdes)
(Philip Vella, Gerard James Borg)
One Last Ride”, Daniel Testa
(Stephen Rudden, Lawrence Peter Bridge)
Pin the Middle”, DeBee (Debbie Stivala)
(Peter Paul Galea, Debbie Stivala)
Oblivion”, Chris Grech
(Philip Vella, Chris Grech, Gerard James Borg)
Until we meet again”, Deborah C
(Elton Zarb, Muxu: Matthew Mercieca)
Because I have You”, Amber
(Paul Giordimaina, Fleur Balzan)
Lovetricity”, Christabelle (Christabelle Borg)
(Magnus Kaxe, Gerard James Borg)
Coming Home“, Fire Light
(Richard Micallef)
Safe”, Miriam Christine
(Mark Scicluna, Emil Calleja Bayliss)
Addictive“, Romina Mamo
(Linda Persson, Ylva Persson)
Now and Forever“, Andreana Debattista
(Vinny Vella, Karl Spiteri)
Love will take me home“, Franklin Calleja
(Glen Vella, Beatrice Eriksson, Marcus Frenell, Michael James Down)
Ten“, Corazon
(Paul Giordimaina, Fleur Balzan)
Take Me“, Pamela
(Boris Cezek)
Just no place like home“, Fabrizio Faniello
(Johan Bejerholm)
Written about Malta 2014 on
2014-01-07 Listen to the 20 semifinalists
2013-12-11 Listen to snippets of the semifinalists
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2013-11-29 Watch the announcement of the semifinalists
2013-11-20 The preliminary list (70 entries)
(+links to some of the returning artist’s former entries)
2013-11-19 Malta Song for Europe final on February 8th
2013-11-02 Malta Song for Europe receives 210 entries
2013-09-26 More details about Malta Song for Europe
2013-07-20 PBS wants another go at Eurovision
The last five Maltese entries and results in the Eurovision Song Contest
2013: Tomorrow Gianluca Grand Final: 8th place
2012: This Is The Night Kurt Calleja Grand Final: 21st place
2011: One Life Glen Vella 1st Semi Final: 11th place
2010: My Dream Thea Garrett 1st Semi Final: 12th place
2009: What If We Chiara Grand Final: 22nd place

(Keep in mind that the dates and rules can change and transcription errors may occur, so I can’t guarantee that everything is 100% correct all the time, although I update the page frequently with info from various Eurovision sites.)