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Malta in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest

Here you find everything you need to know about Malta’s preparations for the “Eurovision Song Contest 2015”, including information about MESC 2015 and links to their latest Eurovision entries (and their results), to put the new plans in perspective. Malta
Malta’s plans for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest:
Broadcaster: PBS
Selection: “Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015”, Malta Shipbuilding, Marsa
Date: Final on November 22nd
Who decides?: 5 judges + 1 part televoting in both the semifinal and the final

“Warrior”, Amber (The winner of MESC 2014-2015) live at MESC 2015MESC preview video

The results of Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014-2015, November 22nd:
Place, Song, Singer(s): Jury votes* Televotes Points
1. “Warrior“, Amber 60 pts 12 pts 72 pts
2. “Rush“, Christabelle 40 pts 7 pts 47 pts
3. “Breakaway“, Glen Vella 35 pts 4 pts 39 pts
4. “Closed Doors“, Chris Grech 33 pts 2 pts 35 pts
5. “Still Here“, Franklin 18 pts 8 pts 26 pts
6. “Something In The Way“, Daniel Testa 24 pts 24 pts
7. “Love and Let Go“, Ekklesia Sisters 13 pts 10 pts 23 pts
8. “The One That You Love“, Lawrence Gray 13 pts 5 pts 18 pts
9. “Fandango“, Jessika 12 pts 6 pts 18 pts
10. “Chasing a Dream“, Trilogy 9 pts 3 pts 12 pts
11. “It’s OK“, Deborah C 12 pts 12 pts
12. “Once In A While“, Domnic 11 pts 11 pts
13. “Beautiful To Me“, L-Aħwa 10 pts 1 pt 11 pts
14. “12, Baker Street“, Karen Debattista 0 pts
*The votes of the jury members
Points Singer(s): Ola Melzig
Biasia (Italy)
Gohar Gasparyan
Owen Galea
Adriana Zarb
Adami (Malta)
60 pts Amber 12 12 12 12 12
40 pts Christabelle 10 10 2 8 10
35 pts Glen Vella 8 6 8 7 6
33 pts Chris Grech 7 7 10 5 4
24 pts Daniel Testa 5 8 3 1 7
18 pts Franklin 6 5 6 1
13 pts Lawrence Gray 1 10 2
13 pts Ekklesia Sisters 3 1 4 5
12 pts Jessika 4 8
12 pts Deborah C 2 4 6
11 pts Domnic 1 2 5 3
10 pts L-Aħwa 7 3
9 pts Trilogy 4 3 2
0 pts Karen Debattista
The Schedule for “Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015”:
August 28th Submission period opens
August 29th Submission deadline (PBS received 134 entries)
September 26th The preliminary list was revealed (see the 48 entries here)
October 3rd The 20 songs will be announced (listen to the semifinalists here)
November 21st “MESC 2015” – Semifinal 20 entries → 14 finalists
November 22nd “MESC 2015” – Final 14 finalists → 1 winner
The running order for the final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014-2015
1. “Breakaway“, Glen Vella
2. “12, Baker Street“, Karen Debattista
3. “Once In A While“, Domnic
4. “Chasing a Dream“, Trilogy
5. “Closed Doors“, Chris Grech
6. “Love and Let Go“, Ekklesia Sisters
7. “Fandango“, Jessika
8. “It’s OK“, Deborah C
9. “Warrior“, Amber
10. “Beautiful To Me“, L-Aħwa
11. “Still Here“, Franklin
12. “Rush“, Christabelle
13. “The One That You Love“, Lawrence Gray
14. “Something In The Way“, Daniel Testa
Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015 – The 20 semifinalists:
1.Home“, Lyndsay Pace
(Boris Cezek)
2.Could Have Been Me“, Iona Dalli
(Philip Vella)
3.Still Here“, Franklin
(Alexander Rybak)
4.Rush“, Christabelle
(Elton Zarb, Muxu)
5.Fandango“, Jessika
(Philip Vella, Gerard James Borg)
6.Closed Doors“, Chris Grech
(Chris Grech, Edward Mifsud, Peter Borg, David Cassar Torreggiani)
7.12, Baker Street“, Karen DeBattista
(Jan van Dijck, Emil Calleja Bayliss)
8.Something In The Way“, Daniel Testa
(Måns Ek, Charlie Mason)
9.Breakaway“, Glen Vella
(Kevin Borg, Simon Gribbe)
10.Stop Haunting Me“, Raquel
(Elton Zarb, Muxu)
11.Take Me As I Am“, Domenique
(Aidan O’Connor)
12.The One That You Love“, Lawrence Gray
(Elton Zarb, Lawrence Gray)
13.It’s OK“, Deborah C
(Elton Zarb, Muxu)
14.Close Your Eyes“, Danica Muscat
(Elton Zarb, Emil Calleja Bayliss)
15.Secretly“, Corazon
16.Beautiful To Me“, L-Aħwa
(Erik Anjou)
17.Warrior“, Amber
(Elton Zarb, Muxu)
18.Chasing a Dream“, Trilogy
(Joe Julian Farrugia, Paul Abela)
19.Once In A While“, Dominik
(Elton Zarb, Rita Pace)
20.Love and Let Go“, Ekklesia Sisters
(Philip Vella)
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The 2009-2014 Maltese entries and results in the Eurovision Song Contest:

2014: Coming Home Firelight Grand Final: 23rd place
2013: Tomorrow Gianluca Grand Final: 8th place
2012: This Is The Night Kurt Calleja Grand Final: 21st place
2011: One Life Glen Vella 1st Semi Final: 11th place
2010: My Dream Thea Garrett 1st Semi Final: 12th place
2009: What If We Chiara Grand Final: 22nd place

(Keep in mind that the dates and rules can change and transcription errors may occur, so I can’t guarantee that everything is 100% correct all the time, although I update the page frequently with info from various Eurovision sites.)