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Switzerland in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest

Here you find everything you need to know about Switzerland’s preparations for the “Eurovision Song Contest 2015”, including information about their 2015 national selection and links to their latest Eurovision entries (and their results), to put the new plans in perspective. Switzerland
Switzerland’s plans for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest:
Broadcaster: SSR SRG
Selection: “Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow”, final in Kreuzlingen
Date: Final on January 31st
Who decides?: 50/50 jury/public televoting (in the final)

“Only human”, Tiziana (One of the Swiss 2015 NF-finalists)

The schedule for the 2015 Swiss National Selection:
Sep 29th – Oct 27th: SRF (German) (& RTR) Internet selection
November 3rd – 17th: Voting period: SRF/RTR Internet selection ? uploaded entries → 9 candidates
November 20th: RTS (French) radio selection 12 entries → 6 candidates
November 4th: RSI (Italian) internal selection 28 entries → 3 candidates
December 7th: Live “Expert Check” 18 candidates → 6 finalists
December 7th/8th: The finalists will be announced 3 from SRF, 2 from RTS, 1 from RSI
January 31st: Final 6 finalists → 1 winner
Switzerland’s “Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow 2015” – The 6 finalists:
Hey now“, Andy McSean (SRF)
Singing about love“, Timebelle (SRF)
Only human“, Tiziana (SRF)
Fly“, Licia Chery (RTS)
Time to shine“, Mélanie René (RTS)
Take Me Back to 23“, Deborah Bough (RSI)
18 candidates for the national final:
“Take Me Back to 23”, Deborah Bough (RSI)
“Your Perfume”, Elias ft Zero In On (RSI)
“Cocktail e fantasmi”, The Vad Vuc (RSI)

“Vu d’en haut”, Alenko (RTS)
“Hurdy gurdy girls”, Anach Cuan (RTS)
“Letter to myself”, Celia (RTS)
“Fly”, Licia Chery (RTS)
“Time to shine”, Mélanie René (RTS)
“Kevlar heart”, Shana P. (RTS)

“Same stars“, Arbresha (SRF)
“Run“, Bubble Beatz feat. Sandra Wild (SRF)
“Open heart surgery“, Thierry Condor (SRF)
“Destiny“, Dahï (SRF)
“There was a yesterday“, Simon Hafner (SRF)
“Hey now“, Andy McSean (SRF)
“iMagination“, San Dii (SRF)
“Singing about love“, Timebelle (SRF)
“Only human“, Tiziana (SRF)
Listen to RSI’s three candidates here.
Listen to RTS’ six candidates here.
Listen to SRF’s nine candidates here.
Read more here: Switzerland to choose on January 31 Online submission period comes to an end
RSI candidates selected
RTS reveal the 26 chosen candidates
RTS reveal selected candidates
The 6 finalists announced Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015

The 2009-2014 Swiss entries and results in the Eurovision Song Contest:

2014: Hunter of stars Sebalter Grand Final: 13th place
2013: You And Me Takasa Semi Final (2): 13th place
2012: Unbreakable Sinplus Semi Final (1): 11th place
2011: In love for a while Anna Rossinelli Grand Final: 25th place
2010: Il Pleut de L’Or Michael von der Heide Semi Final (2): 17th place
2009: The Highest Heights Lovebugs Semi Final (1): 14th place

(Keep in mind that the dates and rules can change and transcription errors may occur, so I can’t guarantee that everything is 100% correct all the time, although I update the page frequently with info from various Eurovision sites.)