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2013-07-01 (Monday)

Anette: Nigella Lawson has a monthly cookalong competition and this month choice is a classic Baklava. As always, when I haven’t made the dish before, I start by looking at some recipes and watching some videos:

“Baklava” videos:
How to Make Baklava (allrecipes)
How to Make Baklava (simpleeasycooking)
How To Make Baklava (cookingmexicanrecipe)
How to Make Traditional Baklava (AboutdotcomFood)

“Baklava” recipes:
Baklava (
Baklava (
Turkish Baklava (
Baklava (

Anette: That’s enough inspiration, now I have some shopping to do before I can make a Baklava of my own. 😀