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2013-07-14 (Sunday)

Anette: Here are the short facts about lime, including nutrition, calories and how to store them. If you’re really curious about lime and want to learn more about this green citrus fruit then I recommend wikipedia.

lime lime lime

Short facts about lime:
A very good source of: Dietary Fiber and Vitamin C
A good source of: Calcium, Iron and Copper
Very low in: Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium
Calories (100 grams): 30
How to store: Whole limes can be refrigerated up to ten days in a plastic bag / refrigerator. Cut limes can be refrigerated up to five days.
(Sources: nutritiondata,

Anette: Lime is my favorite citrus fruit and I use it almost every day. Still, I want to learn more and therefore I have gathered some links to a couple of collections of lime recipes. Hopefully we’ll find some really good recepies there.

Inspiring collections of lime recipes: