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2013-07-17 (Wednesday)

Anette: There is one special lime dish that I have been curious about for a while and now’s the time to make it: the classic Key lime pie. As usual, here are some videos and recipes for inspiration:

“Key Lime Pie” videos:
How to Make Key Lime Pie (
Key Lime Pie Recipe Demonstration (
Key Lime Tart (Martha Stewart)
How to Make Lemon Meringue Pie (Laura in the Kitchen)

“Key Lime Pie” recipes:
Easy Key Lime Pie I (
Key Lime Pie IX (
Bubba’s Key Lime Pie (
Key lime pie (

Anette: That’s enough inspiration, now I have to keep my fingers crossed that I find some key limes in the store. Wish me luck. Otherwise it seems like it can work with 50/50 regular limes and lemons instead… but I hope for the best. 😀