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2015-08-07 (Friday)

crayfish crayfish side dishes

♥ Crayfish
♥ Dipping sauce (with Red Lumpfish Roe, Creme Fraiche, Mayonnaise, Dill, Red Onion, Salt, Black Pepper)
♥ Mini-baguettes
♥ Stewed mushrooms (with butter, onion, garlic and cream)
♥ Västerbottensostpaj (cheese pie)
♥ Asparagus (lightly cooked)
(♥ White wine – for example: Georg Breuer, Riesling Sauvage, 2014)

Anette: When it comes to crayfish, you just can´t make too many side dishes but these are the ones I can’t do without. Well… perhaps I will try a different kind of cheese in the pie next time, but all the other things are must-haves for an ideal Kräftskiva. 😀

Other things you also might want for your Kräftskiva:
♥ Comical paper hats, paper tablecloths, paper lanterns (often depicting the Man in the Moon) and bibs
♥ Song books with traditional drinking songs (snapsvisor)
♥ Akvavit or vodka (snaps) and beer
♥ Crispbread or Toast and cheese
♥ Salads
♥ New potatoes (boiled with lots of dill)
♥ Fresh strawberries or a strawberry based dessert
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