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I, the author of the blog, am a 40-year-old Swedish woman who has a big interest in food. In 2006 I started the blog where I write about recipes for the whole family in Swedish. Now I want to learn more about healthy food, natural ingrediets and classic recipes and that’s why I’ve decided to start this new blog.

I believe that if you’re healthy to begin with and eat a lot of natural, healthy food on a regular basis and try to cut back on wheat, sugar, salt and additives you don’t need to follow any diet and can allow yourself to enjoy a delicious dessert and other “unhealthy” snacks every now and then without any problems or bad conscience.

The purpose of this blog is to learn more about food, collect tasty and easy-to-make helthy recipes and try out a lot of exciting classic dishes that I thought I would make “some day” but never got around to. Well, no time like the present. 🙂

/ Anette